Matsyagandha Lake, Saharsa, Bihar

Redevelopment of Matsyagandha Lake, Saharsa, Bihar (Academic Work)

Almost dried and abandoned Lake needs redevelopment work to make it a tourist & cultural hub in the whole Kosi region by its beautification and providing various activities surrounding the lake to keep it live, generate economy and engage local artists and labours. 

·        Museum,
·        Art Gallery,
·        Boating Club,
·        Yoga Class,
·        Banquet Hall,
·        Aquarium,
·        Fair Ground

Proposed Activities:
·        Boating,
·        Water Park,
·        Fair Ground,
·        Ghats,
·        Amphitheater,
·        Craft Shops,
·        Orchards,
·        Children Park,
·        Pedestrian Promenade,
·        Jogging Track,
·        Fishing Area,
·        Haat Area,
·        Public Toilets, etc.