Museum, Matsyagandha Lake, Saharsa, BIhar

Museum, Art Gallery and Admin Area, Matsyagandha Lake, Saharsa, Bihar (Academic Work)
Matsyagandha Temple and Lake being site of historical and religious importance needs a Cultural Centre to preserve the local popular culture and providing a platform for the talented artisans and painters in Kosi region.
The ancient statues found in the excavation at Mahishi will find a place in this Museum. The Museum will showcase Stone sculptures of Pal period, different types of coins and many other popular articles of public interest.
Building an Art Gallery will provide a platform for the local artists from Madhubani, a neighboring district which is already famous for its paintings.
The Building Vocabulary is inspired by the climatic condition suitable for the Public Building and encourages ventilation and diffused sunlight that ultimately saves energy.


  • Museum
  • Art Gallery 
  • Admin Area
  • Audio Visual Room
  • Waiting Area
  • Sculpture Court
  • Storage Area